Blast through barriers and accelerate your success.

If you have specific goals, challenges, and timelines, and want to take full advantage of the opportunities before you, then Lumari’s Accelerated Intensive is for you.

We move quickly through past limitations, blocks and belief limiters and design the Premium, Power Path to successfully achieve your goal.

This special high-level focus brings everything to phenomenal new levels of growth, change and greatness.

We work to clarify the energies, dig deeply into specific goals and situations, and make the powerful changes that benefit you and your life.

Accelerate Your Awareness, Transformation and Joy!

This is a profound opportunity to spend concentrated time and immerse yourself in a holistic view of your life where you can heal your blocks, raise your energy and receive the guidance and coaching you need to uncover and live your life purpose.

Exposure to Lumari’s High Frequency automatically raises your Vibration. Her intensive and transformative coaching brings the sacred into your everyday life to help you gain deeper understanding, overcome limitations, make the best choices possible and create the life you dream.


Radical Change is focused, multi-dimensional transformation that help you break through limitations, confusion and misalignment to reach your goals, change the patterns and live more fully and powerfully.


There are times you need more than Guidance and Coaching can provide. You may be heading towards or in the middle of specific situations and circumstances and you are ready to quickly shift the energies and change it for the better almost immediately.

That’s Radical Change!
That’s what Lumari’s Accelerated Intensives for Radical Change is all about – and more.

This Program provides masterful coaching and guidance. It is swift, precise and energetically defined to boost your energy, make efficient, swift changes and carry the intense energies you want to blast through or decidedly refocus your energy, results and your life in a short profound space of time.

Accelerated Intensives are right for you if

  • You wish you could work with an Energy Master and Life Alchemist to raise your vibration to higher levels
  • You want a concentrated, one-on-one system for personal breakthroughs and transformation
  • It's time to move past the challenges and hurdles that are in your way
  • You want to gracefully shift your energy, reach your goals and create new opportunities for success
  • You know you need a concentrated and powerful focus and plan that makes it easy for you to catapult into the next phase of your life
  • You are ready to take a giant leap toward discovering and activating your life’s purpose
  • You want to bring more Divine Flow into your life, Right Now!

Included in Your Accelerated Intensive program

  • 1 Heart of Destiny Session
  • 5 regularly scheduled private one-on-one sessions
  • 1 Long-Distance Shollamaya™ Healing Session
  • Direct email access to Lumari to get answers to your quick questions (normal business hours only, please)
  • Priority scheduling and access to Lumari’s private email

BONUS ITEMS Specially Included

Bonus Self Discovery Soul Quest – your personal quest revealed

Complimentary access to CLAIM YOUR SPIRITUAL REAL ESTATE home study course

Priority Consideration for future offers

Special pricing for certain future offers

Receive the focused, multi-dimensional transformation that will help you live more powerfully.

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