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Consultations for your Spiritual Growth and Awareness with Lumari

Spiritual Guidance to Help You Awaken, Heal and Manifest
Spiritual Growth is the process of awakening your consciousness to the expression of your soul. Advancing your Spiritual Growth helps increase your connection with the Divine and can provide the clarity and guidance for your most powerfully inspiring moments and your most challenging times.

Are you ready to increase your personal vibration, release the past limitations and move into a new aspect of enlightened transformation? Your Spiritual Reading with Lumari will help you increase your spiritual energy, help your meditation practices and bring an abundance of healing and clarity for your spiritual journey.

Celebrate your communion with the Divine in your own way.
During your Spiritual Reading, I will help you increase your spiritual energy, help your meditation practices and bring an abundance of healing and clarity for your spiritual journey. I have developed many different healing processes that can help you let go of patterns of limitation and realign, re-attune your energy fields and experience higher aspects of your true Divinity and capacity.

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Energy Balancing, Clearing and Augmented Alignment
On your Spiritual Journey it is important to balance your energy and move into spiritual and vibrational alignment with each new transition.

During your Spiritual Consultation I will explore specific spiritual and healing energies that will benefit you and help you perceive in new ways.

You will also learn to get in touch with certain energies or experiences and open new doorways so you can move into higher levels of your own Divine Purpose and Expression.

Our session will give you guidance, energy and tools to awaken, create and celebrate the spirituality that lives in your heart and soul. Contact me now, and let’s illuminate your dreams with joy.

I’ve written several books on the topic of spirituality, personal development and intuition. I’ve been leading spiritual workshops for many years. I am passionate about helping people discover their deeper selves, open to powerful possibilities and celebrate success, freedom, inspiration and fulfillment.

When I give a reading and a consultation, I become a clear focus to bring you the guidance you need to reach your highest potential, live the life you dream and achieve personal growth that brings you joy.

No matter what life brings you, you can seize the opportunity to grow more positive and gain true depth from the experience. Our session will give you guidance and tools to create positive personal change in all areas.

Choose to fill your life with clarity, joy and depth of purpose. Invest in your brilliance! Contact me now, and let’s create your dreams.

Contact me and receive the clear guidance that will help you choose the path, reach new levels of in every aspect of your life.

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