Spiritual Growth and Meditation Articles by Lumari

Articles and Meditations by Lumari offers resources for conscious living to help you tap into the incredible spiritual power that resides within you. These articles, meditations, channeled guidance and Alawashka chants are written from Lumari's commitment to your growth and full awareness in the journey towards the highest realms. As you touch these energies, please feel for what is appropriate for your greatest understanding and highest good.

The Boulder Flood - Riding the River of Choices by Lumari
What do you do when there is real, palpable and immediate danger that can take your life in an instant? What do you do? How do you hold your energy and focus to make meaningful choices? That was the real situation Peter and I were in.

Aligning in Harmony by Lumari
Learn a special meditation to align your life and our world with greater Harmony.

Awakening Joy - Meditations With Lumari
This simple mantra meditation will bring more joy into your life and our world.

Blessings for Life by Lumari
When you take time to Celebrate the Blessings of life, you will increase the blessings in our world.

Blessing the Way - Meditations With Lumari
We are all here to bring an uplifting change to our world. This meditation can help you bring about uplifted and honoring change.

Breath of Miracles - Meditations With Lumari
Shift into Joy and Healing with this Meditation and Chant from Alawashka and Lumari

Breathing Into Being - Meditations With Lumari
This meditation and chant helps bring global healing and supports humanity's healing and clarity.

Calling Forth the Spirit Love - Meditations With Lumari
This Healing Meditation and Mantra help with personal and global healing.

Celebrating Moments of Darkness by Lumari
Learn to tap deeper into your inner silence and expand with the stars. Meditation included in this article.

Connecting the Heart Bridge Home - Meditations With Lumari
ALAWASHKA CHANT to Help People pass into the light.

Create Uplifted Images, Intentions and Actions by Lumari
Uplift your life and your business with Images, Intentions and Actions that add more love, harmony and abundance in your life.

Experiencing the Heartfelt Embrace of Mati- Meditations With Lumari
An Alawashka Mantra Meditation to help you feel and know the Heartfelt Embrace of the Divine.

Extending Understanding - Meditations With Lumari
Meditation for deepening understanding and creating peace.

Healing Patterns by Lumari
Learn to be aware of the process of healing.

Living Inside Appreciation - Meditations With Lumari
This Meditation will help you experience profound appreciation for your life.

Manifesting the Miraculous - from the Akashic Records by Lumari
A message from the Akashic Records channeled by Lumari to help you manifest the truth of your being.

Opening to Joy - Meditations With Lumari
Meditation and teachings to help bring more joy and delight into your life.

Experience an opulent fusion of wealth and beauty by Lumari
It is so easy to recognize this level of wealth, when you are right in the midst of its splendor.

Personal Awakening by Lumari
Personal Awakening is an unfolding process for deep personal growth. Understanding this process will help you move more graciously into your greater Self.

Sharing the Knowing - Meditations With Lumari
Open a profound and delicious relationship to the Divine and to the divinity in all of life.

The Beginning of Time by Lumari
Explore the way time moves - as we create time.

The Chant of Miracles - Meditations With Lumari
This special chant, written in Alawashka, will help bring miracles into your life. Alawashka is the language and vibrational source of creation. The words and chants in this language bring multidimensional enlightened creation frequencies to you.

The Day the World's Heart Opened- Meditations With Lumari
This Meditation Mantra helps bring quiet choices and energies to bring a healing change, from our hearts into our world.

The Expression of Honor - Meditations With Lumari
Meditations and Teachings of honor that bring new harmony into your life.

The Expression of Love- Meditations With Lumari
Meditation to help you fully experience the vibration and realm of LOVE.

The Flow of Acknowledgment by Lumari
Declare this year and every year - a year of acknowledgment to recognize and appreciate the life you have exactly the way it is.

The Karmic Loop of War by Lumari
We are ensconced in a karmic loop of war. This system of repeating patterns that lead us into war for all of the same reasons, has been occurring for thousands of years. Is there a way to break this cycle?

The Teaching of Moments by Lumari
Alawashka's channeled message about the practice of being present.

When Time and Timing Converge
How to Know When the Time and Timing is RIGHT.

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