February 13th, 2016 11:00 AM MST

The spiritual tools are now available for us to challenge our initiation into money and release our past life patterns, ancestral conditioning and present life limitations. In place of old, programmed money beliefs and undermining behaviors, we can clear the past and align with who we are today. We can receive the bounty of our wealth-being.

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Don’t let the old patterns stop you or thwart your dedication and vision for yourself and our world. Your Money Karma blocks and limits your full self-expression. Your Money Karma influences your self-worth, love, freedom, adventure, joy, creativity and spiritual connection.

Most people don’t even know that their Money Karma blocks their joy and their future. It’s an invisible wall standing between you and your purpose.

In our HEAL YOUR MONEY KARMA free training call you will

  • Discover what money karma really is
  • See how your money karma completely alters your relationship with money and success
  • Learn the 3 most crucial mistakes people make that lets their money karma block their life force

Please join me at our free trainng call, so I can share these special tips with you and create the new energies you want, today.

AND during this free call, You will learn ONE, simple, powerful Action that you can do right away that will change your money karma. This MONEY CHARM will totally change your Money Conversation, NOW.

I’ll also share more about my HEAL YOUR MONEY KARMA tele-seminar, so you can register for the event that will heal your blocks and joyfully transform your relationship with money, power and freedom.

My HEAL YOUR MONEY KARMA workshop, February 21 & 22, 2016 at 11pm MST addresses these blocks. Then I will open and tune profound energies to heal this in your own life, so you can bring your true gifts into the world unhindered. I developed my HEAL YOUR MONEY KARMA workshop to help you permanently release your Money Karma, so you can gain real freedom in your life and have the prosperity you want.

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