Articles and Meditations for Business Owners by Lumari


Articles and Meditations for Business Owners by Lumari offers resources for conscious living to help you expand your business and financial success. These articles and meditations are written from Lumari's commitment to your growth, joy and total success in the products and services you provide to us all. Please try the many suggestions and see what is best for your business and clientele. These articles have been published in Aura Magazine - a new consciousness trade publication.

Creating A New Opening For Your New Year by Lumari
How to take stock of your business and your life and find new, powerful and creative openings to increase possibilities and success.

Creating Holiday Magic by Lumari
Great Winter Holiday ideas and themes that will pamper your clients and customers and enhance your store, business and gift giving.

Harvesting Green by Lumari
Focus on the beauty and the abundance of our world and expand upon that to bring an eco-friendly lifestyle into its fullness for your business and your clients.

Less is More . . . More Or Less by Lumari
Learn the Practice of Less is More . . . More Or Less - simple expansion and see new possibilities for clarity and abundance in your business life.

Mantras to Pamper Your Patrons by Lumari
Learn to bring new levels of energy and harmony to your clients and your business.

Mother’s Day – A Celebration of Mother Earth by Lumari
Wonderful ways to celebrate Gaia on Mother's Day and bring gifts in harmony with our world. This article includes a mediation.

Share the Love by Lumari
Bringing Love and Community into your store and business.

Solar Celebrations and Meditations by Lumari
Resonate with the Sun and use that Solar Power to help boost your business and enhance your life.

Use Your Intuition to Attune the Energy of Your Store by Lumari
Learn special techniques to attune the energies of your store or business for greater success.

Use Your Intuition to Augment Your Sales Selection by Lumari
Learn Intuitive Ways to tune into the perfect products for your store or business.

Using Your Intuition to Select Vibrant Vendors by Lumari
Learn to use your intuition to select the right vendors for your business.

Using Your Intuition to Spring Forward into Your Life by Lumari
Meditation to help increase your Intuition. Perfect for business owners.

Use Your Intuition to Train Your Staff by Lumari
Learn how to use your intuition to help train your staff to succeed.

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